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No... You Can't Be THAT CRAZY Can You?

Same Offer.

4 Low Monthly Payments

of $49.

Maybe You Need a Payment Plan...

Don't tell me you can't afford 49 bucks

...for the rights to rebrand and sell a software tool that generated around $70,000 in sales for me and was awarded JVZoo Product of the Day...

This is the actual source code.

It is sold "as is".

You get to rebrand it and offer it as your own.

There are instructions on how to set it up, but it is recommended you just pay a web developer on Fiverr $25-50 bucks to set it up for you.  

Do not buy this if you are not willing to get it set up yourself or hire a freelancer to do it for you. 

By grabbing this, you and I become direct competitors, so I cannot provide technical support (again, just pay a developer).  

You may not use the name Warlord Optin™, Warlord Entrepreneur™, or Warlord in your branding/product name/marketing.

You may NOT give this software away for free! Including after it has been rebranded.

Once you've installed this software on your own web property, you have full rights to rebrand and resell.

This software, when on your web properties, MUST be protected by a membership plugin, script, or something that ensures it is only accessible to people who paid you money for it.

You may NOT pass any kind of special rights to your customers: no resell, rebranding, PLR, white label, agency, or anything like that at all. This is ONLY for you to sell to your customers and clients for them to use for themselves.

This offer is intended to empower newbies and struggling entrepreneurs only.  Already-successful entrepreneurs may NOT purchase this.  If you are a well known product seller, have 200+ vendor sales on JVZoo, WarriorPlus, ClickBank, PayKickStard, Zaxaaa, PayDotCom, or any other marketplace in the IM niche or if you have already generated more than $5,000 gross revenue in the IM niche you are NOT permitted to have this product or use it.  

You also may not pass co-ownership to or partner with anyone for a launch, who has more than 200 sales on the above platforms or who has a business in the IM or entrepreneurship niches and has grossed $50,000 or more.  

This is for YOU and you only.  To rebrand and incorporate into YOUR business.

I'm literally handing you the source code for my pride and joy.  One of my most valuable assets.  So obviously, once you buy it, there are NO REFUNDS.  Again, ZERO REFUNDS.  Not fine print.  That's bold size 30 font. 

If you are unsure about the acquisition of this high-value asset and how you can leverage this unprecedented opportunity, then DO NOT BUY.  

Do NOT Buy This If You Are Unsure.

Here's what top industry leaders said about this software...

And now... YOU are gonna own that software.  And sell it under YOUR brand name.  

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