Enough Buying and Not Using.  The Madness Ends Today.

I'm Going to FORCE YOU to

Benefit From These PLR Packs



When is the last time someone included GUARANTEED TRAFFIC

and GUARANTEED LEADS in an offer?

I Will REBRAND Them for You

(Not Kidding.)

Me and my team will personally rebrand three Signature Series PLR packs (the ones mentioned in the video) into one combined Masterclass with YOUR awesome personal branding, which you can stick on a landing page as a high-value lead magnet.

I Will SEND TRAFFIC  for You

We'll just need a photo of you and your full name exactly as you want it to appear.


When you tell me you're ready...

I'll be sending you traffic.  

Not a "ton" of traffic, but enough to at least start

building your list. Minimum 100 visitors.

If you do everything I tell you to do,

you WILL have an email list.

Guaranteed.  Or your money back.


Press Release Service Add-On

For those of you looking for some added Credibility, Authority, or just some

great SEO backlink juice...

We'll write a professional Press Release for your new masterclass.  

Includes premium syndication to hundreds of news websites (minimum 200 sites) and is GUARANTEED to include at least two of the big ones like affiliates of NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, WND, Digital Journal.

You can leverage THE FACT that you have been mentioned in these publications to boost your authority AND these news sites (even the lesser known and local ones) are seen by Google as having high SEO authority and credibility so it's also good link juice.  These will all link back to your site.  

Again, this is OPTIONAL.  

Choose it below if you want it.


2019 DFY Rebranding

REFUND POLICY and NOTES: This is MANUAL WORK we actually do for you.  Not just a "digital download".  AND some of it costs us money.  So as you can guess, there are NO refunds unless, after doing everything I tell you, you get no leads on your list.  To be eligible for this guarantee, we do require access to your autoresponder to verify whether leads opted in or not.  Allow up to 2-3 weeks for all of this to be done (including rebranding, traffic etc).  We will not jeopardize our business' finances to accommodate people who procrastinate.  There is a generous six-month usage period for this, but understand that some aspects of this service that cost us money and time may no longer be deliverable or redeemable if you wait beyond that six month period.   

2019 Press Release AND Rebranding

DFY Rebranding

+ Traffic


DFY Rebranding

+ Traffic

+ Press Release Service

(Watch Video to End)


"Steven Alvey is a killer marketer...

if you have a chance to learn from him,

take it!"   

- Laura Casselman, CEO of JVZoo

FYI:  The above statement is a general endorsement of my performance as a marketer and seller on JVZoo and should not be interpreted as an endorsement of this specific product on this page.