Discount Ends In:

New MEGA BONUS Added Below!

The Most Elegant, High-Quality, and Advanced PLR Ever Made

"...almost inconceivable that this is PLR. ...the elegance, the production value...

This will change everything..." - John Thornhill


Featuring, for the first time ever,  On-Screen Talking Head Presenters...

Famous Marketers Love Our PLR...

"...almost inconceivable that this is PLR... the elegance, the production value. This will change everything..."

John Thornhill

"...expertly developed, high quality private label products that we'll actually be proud  to offer to our readers!"

Randy & Simon

"Brilliant! Viking PLR sets a new standard for PLR quality. Frankly, it’s hard to believe this is PLR at all..."

Dave Nicholson

"I am super impressed with the quality of his PLR... Steven has raised the  bar"

Paul Counts

"it's a great deal... I see tremendous value in what he's done."

Chad Nicely

"When it comes to private label rights we have high standards...  we were thoroughly impressed..."

Simon & Jeremy from PromoteLabs

"It really is the best-looking and highest quality PLR I've ever  seen in 18 years of internet marketing."

Michael Cheney

"...setting a new standard for private label material.  ...they have put together something incredible!"

Omar Martin

Instantly Leverage These Benefits:

Talking-Head Presenters

Elegant, Premium Feel

High Production Value

Unprecedented Quality

World Class Instruction

Full Re-Branding Rights

Your Own "Signature" Courses (Just Like The Industry Leaders)

What if...

What if PLR was NOT ugly?

...but elegant?

What if PLR was NOT boring?

...but engaging?

What if PLR did NOT seem cheaply made?

...but had a premium,

high-ticket feel?

What if PLR was NOT embarrassing?

...but made you PROUD

to call it your own?

In other words...

Does PLR Have to Suck?

Let's Face It:

Most PLR is Simply Terrible...

It's ugly, it's cheaply made, it's boring, it looks like it was written by grammar-school dropouts, the voice over sucks, it doesn't stand out, it's embarrassing, it would damage your reputation if you sold it to people... etc, etc...




The Most Elegant, High-Quality, and Advanced PLR Ever Made


Signature Series is a brand new line of premium, gorgeous, high production value PLR courses that you’ll actually be proud to offer to your subscribers and customers.

Want to "wow" your customers and clients?

Then your stuff has got to look this good.

Not only does it have to be elegant and gorgeous on the outside, to get them to opt-in or buy...

but it’s gotta look great on the inside too so they’ll keep coming back for more...

And, boy, did we accomplish that... featuring,

for the first time ever...


Yes. "Talking head," Human presenters. PLR.  Really.

Think about it.

Your very own core "Signature" course.

For sale right there on your personal brand website...

Your very own masterclass.

High-Value online courses that represent your brand.  Your flagship.

Just like the big names: Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, Amy Porterfield, Marlie Forleo, Todd Brown, Scott Olford, Peng Joon, Dan Lok, and on and on... 

(and many of those celebrities' courses don't even feature themselves on camera - they have other presenters on camera, presenting the lessons on their behalf - just like you will with these ones!).

So... What am I Getting?

Good Question!


For Some Crazy Reason...

I'm giving you...

THREE of These PLR Packs

For Almost Nothing.





It's really pretty selfish. But hey, this is business!

Why am I giving away three of these high-production value packs for almost zero dollars?  What's the catch?  What's my dirty secret selfish reason?

Well here it is. The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth:

We’ve actually got a whole line of these brand-new, earth-shattering PLR packages that have just been secretly completed and, yup, you guessed it: in the future I’m going to want to offer those to you as well.

So, the reason I’m giving this package away for next to nothing is that I know all I have to do is get just one of these PLR packages into your hands and you’ll be so blown away by the quality and value that you’ll want to try more of these in the future.

(and, yes, you'd better believe I'm gonna try to sell more to you in the future)

What's Included Today?

You're getting all of this:

Module 2:

Search Advertising PLR Course

This high-quality video course takes your customers through the process of planning creating and running their paid search advertising campaigns!

Includes on-screen video presenter and FULL White Label PLR rights.

Module 1:

Funnel Building PLR Course

This high-production value course dives deep into planning and creating killer sales funnels.  Your customers need this if they're going to succeed in business!

Includes on-screen video presenter and FULL White Label PLR rights.

Module 3:

Lead Generation PLR Course

This premium video course helps your customers build their email lists by walking them through the steps of creating a lead generation campaign!

Includes on-screen video presenter and FULL White Label PLR rights.

Module 5:

Effortless Video Branding

Easily brand these videos as your own by adding your logo or company name to the videos as a watermark! 

Module 4:

Super Easy

Customizable Files

These packs come with easy to edit PSD source files for all the graphics, so you can effortlessly customize them, rebrand them, rename them, whatever you want! Seriously, though, look at that.  "Pirate Search Ads".  LMAO.

Module 6:

On-Screen Personal


Replace the presenter with YOU!

Don't worry, this is easier than it sounds and can be REALLY powerful for building your personal brand online.



You're getting a ready-to-go business and unprecedented personal brand assets handed to you on a silver platter.

I hope you understand the implications of this...



  • Firstly, you can give the courses away as lead magnets in return for an email opt-in.

  • Secondly, you can offer these as bonuses to sweeten the pot on your paid offers or affiliate offers you’re promoting. Again, you can do so individually or combined as one package.

  • Third, you can add them to your existing free or paid membership sites to make your business more attractive to potential members and customers.

  • Forth, you can sell them as high-quality paid products either individually or combined.

  • And finally, you have FULL White Label PLR rights to completely rebrand them, modify them, edit them, and do what ever you want with them (but honestly, they're so gorgeous, you might now want to). 

Get it?  These assets are all you need!  I'm literally handing you an entire business and brand asset on a silver platter.



Now you're probably thinking: "wow, thats a lot of value for a low price..."

Keep in mind, my goal today is to get these PLR packs into your hands no matter what the cost. So I’m gonna throw in some mind-blowing Pot Sweeteners and fast-action bonuses designed to help you leverage these PLR resources like never before.

Pot Sweetener #1

First up, promoting other people’s stuff as an affiliate is great, but we know you’re going to want more products to sell as your own so you can keep all the profits for yourself. So we’re adding in the Jump Start Reseller Bundle for free. This is a massive package of 25 products with resell rights so you can start selling these individually via email or even open up your own eStore.

Pot Sweetener #2

Next, we’re taking things to a whole 'nother level. Having resell rights to infoproducts is great, but what really sells great is software. That’s why we’re throwing in the Software Reseller Bundle, a huge package of simple software tools with resell rights that you can offer your buyers as cross-sells via an email sequence or, again, add them to your own eStore. 

Sweetening the Pot:


Fast Action Bonus #1

Fast action bonus #1 is PLR Master Class Volume 1. An awesome curriculum on getting started with your PLR materials.

Fast Action Bonus #2

Fast action bonus #2: The entire PLR Master Class Volume 2. This groundbreaking 18 day course goes into even more detail on setting up a PLR-based business

Fast Action Bonus #3

Fast Action Bonus #3: The incredibly extensive Reseller's Super System Workshop. This 3 week workshop is jam packed with resources that will help you leverage resell rights material.

Fast Action Bonus #4

Fast Action Bonus #4: Explosive PLR profits. An indispensable guide to generating revenue from your PLR products right now.

Fast Action Bonus #5

Fast Action Bonus #5: The game-changing 12 day PLR powerhouse course. An extensive program that will help you kick your PLR-based business into high gear today!

Fast Action Bonus #6

Fast Action Bonus #6: 7 Days to PLR Profits. This step-by-step process will lay out the quickest roadmap for getting your PLR content online and selling in just one week.

Marketing Bonuses

To help you market and drive traffic to your products and to help you build your list and generate sales, we've added a whole suite of awesome bonuses!


DFY Online Course Installation File  

I'm also handing you a ready to go, plug and play template file that INSTANTLY gets your Online Courses Up and Running within a World-Class DFY online membership site.

Comes with a full free month of access to our absolute favorite Membership/eLearning platform!


Our Dual Guarantee

Finally, to completely seal the deal and ensure you walk away with these PLR packages in hand, I’m going to remove all the risk and do something most marketers never do.

If you grab this package and decide it's not a great fit, then rather than just give you a typical 30-day 100% money back guarantee, I’m going to take it a step further and let you KEEP the Signature Series courses (minus PLR Rights) AND all the bonuses.

Did you hear that?  You get to KEEP over $6,000 of products even if you request a refund...

100% Money Back


$6,000 Value Back

30-Day Guarantee

Keep the Signature Series Courses (minus PLR rights) AND the Bonuses



The Most Insane Free Bonus EVER Offered For Such A Low Priced Offer


This is not a joke.  No tricks.  No catch.

Everyone who buys before the timer hits zero will get a real 1-on-1 coaching call, on the phone with me, where I will discuss with you a secret that nobody else ever talks about... A fact-based, data-based secret that is responsible for two-thirds of the money I've made online... A secret that reveals, with certainty, the easiest, quickest, and least expensive way to launch a profitable business in 2019 with the highest chance of success (again, based on real data, facts, and trends that NOBODY else is talking about). 

I have only shared this with a handful of people, (four people as of 16 Dec 2018) and I am NOT willing to discuss it via email, messenger, or anything else.  Phone or Skype only.

Let's Recap:

So let’s recap exactly what you’re getting inside this insane offer. You’re getting:

$250 Value

Then you’re getting the Jumpstart Reseller Bundle of 25 products with resell rights and you’re getting the Software Reseller Bundle with 8 Software Apps with resell rights. 

"Pot Sweetener" Reseller Bundles

PLUS, you’re getting our unprecedented guarantee ensuring you get to keep $6,000 worth of products even if you request a refund.

$2,500 Value

All The Bonuses

$3,000 Value

THREE Signature Series PLR Packs

The Most Elegant, High Production Quality, and Advanced PLR Ever Made.  Featuring On-Screen Professional Presenters.  Includes Full White Label PLR Rebranding Rights

100% Money Back


$6,000 Value Back

30-Day Guarantee

Keep the Signature Series Courses (minus PLR rights) AND the Bonuses



1-on-1 Call with me, talkin' bout secrets.

$250 Value

= $6,000 Value

Obviously this game-changing line of PLR products is destined to have a premium, high-ticket price tag attached to it.

But like I said, today my motive is different. I want you to experience the quality of this material so you’ll be dying to come back for more in the future. To do that, I want to get this giant rebrandable PLR package into your hands no matter what the cost to me. Even if it means handing it over for next to nothing.

For that reason, if you’re lucky enough to be on this page during the launch period, you get to grab this for a tiny fraction...


You Pay Only

Special Sale price Ends In:

P.S. Hopefully you watched the video at the top and you understand the magnitude of what's happening on this page...

You are being handed, for the price of a burger and fries, a monumental array of high-value assets for your brand and your business.

I hope you'll put these to good use.

Oh, and if you're reading this during the launch, I look forward to our 1-on-1 phone call.

100% Money Back


$6,000 Value Back

30-Day Guarantee

Keep the Signature Series Courses (minus PLR rights) AND the Bonuses

2019 Signature Series PLR

Brian Tracy:

"His trainings are, quite frankly, worth a king's ransom...  If you intend to drastically increase your profits or take your business to a whole new level, it's absolutely crucial that you work with Steven Alvey, right now."

Kevin Harrington, Shark Tank:

"Steven knows a thing or two about beating the odds... if you're looking to launch or grow a business by leveraging the power of online sales... I highly recommend you reach out to Steven Alvey and his team today."

Who Am I?

I'm a simple husband, father of seven, and combat veteran-turned-entrepreneur living in the mid-west.

In 2016, I left the Air Force and became a full-time internet entrepreneur.  

In the years since then, Deo Gratias, we've gone on to build a multi-six-figure online business with thousands of customers, clients, affiliates, and partners all over the world.

We've had the privilege of being praised by some of the top figures in IM as well as publicly endorsed by big names like Brian Tracy and celebrity investor Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank! 

We have the best customer community ("Warlord Nation") in the industry and we thank God for it every day.

Our mission is to empower struggling entrepreneurs around the globe "to do what most people are not willing to do, so that they can live like most people never will".

"It's absolutely crucial that you work with Steven Alvey right now..." 

- Brian Tracy


United Nations HQ 

Speech about online business!


Dinner with

Kevin Harrington

"I highly recommend you reach out to Steven Alvey..." 

- Kevin Harrington, Shark Tank

"If you have a chance to learn from him, take it!" 

- Laura Casselman, CEO of JVZoo


Cover of Home Business Magazine!


Joined John C Maxwell's Team as Executive Director

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