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Have you always wished you had a branded home page you could link to from your LinkedIn or Facebook profiles?

Have you got any nay-sayer friends or family members who have always smirked skeptically about your "online business" dreams?

Shut the doubters up - with a site like this.

One Time Payment:

NOTE:  This is a super-high-ticket service being offered at a ridiculously low price and it involves actual manual work on our end.  Unlike many of our digitally downloadable "products" my team puts in actual labor hours to create these sites for you.  For that reason, this is a non-refundable offer.  

Outside-the-Box Bonuses

Volume One

Bonus #1:

Lifting the Veil

A Personal Tour of my JVZoo account, FULL transparency and a look at which offers have been winners and which have been losers (yeah, I've had some flops!).

Bonus #2:

TOP Three Affiliate Email Secrets

I'll share my TOP THREE SECRETS for writing affiliate marketing emails that help me CRUSH leader boards and outsell famous titans… even with my TINY list...

Bonus #3:

Top Performing FB Ad & Analysis

I'll hand you my Top Performing Facebook Ad AND a thorough video analyzing how we optimized it and WHY it worked so well.

Bonus #4:

Weird 40% Conversion Hack

Something totally weird and random we did on a lead page, took like 90 seconds to do, and increased conversions by a whopping 40%!

Bonus #5:

No-Pitch Affiliate Recruiting Workshop 

I teach you the methods I use to get affiliates/JVs on board my launches - sending me boat loads of traffic! 


Bonus #6:

No-Pitch Outsourcing Workshop

 I reveal exactly how I've grown my business so fast in 4 years with the help of freelancers and permanent part-time and full-time virtual team members from the Philippines!

(This is one of those "hidden" secrets behind a lot of successful marketers that's rarely discussed...)

Bonus #7:

Sales/Lead Page Critique 

I will PERSONALLY critique YOUR lead page or sales page. I’m well-known for high converting pages. Let me help you MAXIMIZE yours.

Bonus #8:

3-Part Make Money NOW Package

Make Money NOW Part 1:

Low Ticket Freelancing - This is how I first started making money online. I'll show you how I did it and how anyone can do it.  Note: It's not the ideal business model, lots of work and hustling, etc. But it's a good option to get cash if you need it.

Make Money NOW Part 2:

HIGH Ticket Freelancing - THIS is where the real money's at. This is how I bridged the gap between leaving the Air Force and launching my first product (about 6 months). I was able to feed my family because of this model and have made tens upon tens of thousands of dollars (probably around $55-60K total) from this. I'll show you how I landed my high-ticket dream-clients.

Make Money NOW Part 3:

The AMAZING 200% ROI Method

This is a surprising method I used when I was struggling which will NOT make you rich, but WILL get you cash relatively easily with a big ROI and no risk.

 Anyone can do this!

200% ROI

No Risk

No List

No Paid Ads

No Affiliates

No Launch

No Fiverr

No Freelancing

No Product

No Solo Ads

No Etc.

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