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I’m literally going to hand you all of my stuff from that launch. I’m going to hand you the exact sales pages we used, the pre-launch and viral sharing pages, the OTO and upsell pages, the Affiliate recruiting pages, including the JV invite home page, the JV contest and prize page, the JV resources pages, the DFY Bonus page template we created for JVs to use, literally every single page involved in that launch is going to be handed to you so you can analyze each of them as meticulously as you want and mimic them in your own product launch.

Plus I’m going to do something even more crazy and give you every single email I wrote for that launch. That means every pre-launch autoresponder email I sent to potential customers before the launch who signed up via our pre-launch page, the emails inviting them to share on social media for a discount, the sales emails I sent them during the launch to get them to go buy, plus all of my JV emails. This includes the autoresponder sequence for after JVs signed up to promote our launch, the newsletters I sent out leading up to the launch to keep them interested and remind them why they should promote, and all the emails I sent to them during the launch to update them and keep them motivated and galvanized to keep selling and try to beat each other on the leader-board.

Heck, I’m even gonna give you the entire collection of DFY email swipes I gave all my affiliates to plug into their autoresponders, including the crush campaign swipes which are the critical emails they send out during the last 72 hours of the launch focusing on scarcity which brought in the majority of sales.

And finally, I’m gonna give you what I think were the most powerful weapons in this product launch. All of the videos. The sales videos, the pre-launch teaser trailers, the JV invite video, the other JV page videos encouraging JVs to use the JV resources or explaining the JV contest, literally every video in this launch is included for you to analyze and mimic including the embarrassing ones that I think were a little bit cheesy or badly delivered.

Again all of these are going to be handed to you for you to analyze, study, and even use as templates or swipes for your own launch.

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