The Biggest Bonus Ever Offered.


John and I will help you 1-on-1 to build a product, recruit affiliates, launch it, and aggressively promote your launch to our email lists, giving you your very own buyers list.

Yes, WE will send the traffic and YOU will get an email list of actual buyers (not freebie seekers).

There is no other offer like this out there.

If You Take This Business-Building Offer

From John Thornhill and I...

Literally The Same Offer I Used

To Launch My Business in 2016,

I KNOW You Will Succeed

In Fact, I'm SO Certain, That I'm Offering The Biggest Bonus We've EVER Offered.

Here it is...







Full Webinar Replay:

NOTE: Old data.  We've done closer to $1,080,000 by now thanks to P2S.

The Game Plan


EXACTLY How this is going to work. Step-by-step.



Back Pocket Access


PERSONAL Cell Phone Number



#3 $6,000 Warlord Store Gift Card:

Yup. $6,000 to spend in the Warlord Store Right Now!  Audiobooks, Video Lessons, Plugins, Apps, eBooks, there's tons of value in the Warlord Store and we're giving you $6,000 to go spend right now.

#9 The Warlord Mastermind Project:

Learn Directly from Online Business Legends like E. Brian Rose (Founder of JVZoo), Colin Theriot and more!

#10 Build your list via the Warlord Store:

Your free offers and lead magnets will be listed as $0.00 products on our store. When people checkout, they are taken to your free giveaway/lead page. You get to leverage our Warlord Store to drive traffic and build your list (not-to-mention gain credibility and name recognition) absolutely free. There's nothing in it for me!

#2 Warlord Joint Product Creation (JPC):

Co-Create and Co-Instruct an Online Course with Me. I do 95% of the work. You alone have full resale/redistro rights to the end product.

#17 $300 to use on ANY of my flagship products or upsells, including DFY services:

Have you ever seen any of my offers or upsells that you REALLY wanted but were a little too pricey?  

Here's $300 to use towards ANY products you haven't purchased yet.

#11 Your guest post + ad on our blog.

Write a quality post about any business topic on our blog, include a soft pitch for your own offer if you want and a link back to your property.

#12 Bonus Rights to Warlord Case Study:

Bonuses can really boost your sales & conversions. We'll give you a gorgeous bonus image you can add to your sales or bonus pages to add value by offering the Case Study as a free bonus. For some perspective, this Case Study recently converted at 30% as a PAID offer!

#13 Bonus rights to 200 $100 Gift Cards:

YIKES! This one is insane. You get to give away two hundred of our $100 gift cards for the Warlord Store as Bonuses on any of your sales pages or free offers. Talk about a conversion boost!

#8 Recorded Interview for Content:

You get to record an interview with me or a general Q&A and you can use it as blog content, podcast content, paid offer, bonus, lead magnet, whatever!

#6 Full Funnel Critique:

Our funnels convert as high as 23%!! We'll review every page of your funnel, your pricing, your design, your copy, your splintering, and we'll tell you exactly what we would change or adjust!

#7 Preferred Affiliate Program:

Plain and simple: You get 100% on the FE and 75% on the upsells for any of our products. Not available for established, already-successful marketers. This is only for new or struggling marketers. 

I would not have my business if it wasn't for John's Program. Go watch the webinar replay, join the program (I'm still in it, will be for life), get these bonuses, and let's build your online business together.  Bring an end to the hamster wheel NOW!

Note: If you choose the monthly payment plan, the bonuses are only available after 2 months of billing (for obvious reasons).  Quitting the program early at any point forfeits the bonuses (of course).  For full-pay, all bonuses, aside from Direct Access Consulting, have a hold until after the refund period, unless stated otherwise.

#4 2x 1-on-1 Phone Calls/Q&A

Let's hop on the phone and hash out a game plan for your first launch.

#5 Video Testimonial

I will record a video testimonial for your next product launch!

I've been endorsed by a Shark from Shark Tank, Brian Tracy, JLD, and hailed as an expert by top internet marketers. 

Just sayin'... My testimonial might be worth something for you...

(of course it needs to be a good product)

Pay close attention to every word in the video.  This will NOT be your main flagship product that you launch via P2S (but you're free to use it as a bonus if you'd like).  Most people use this as a lead magnet.  Everything about this JPC offer is explained in the video.  

(If you already purchased JPC, You get $100 towards any other offer.)

#17 MEGA BONUS A Day of Golf and

High-Ticket Masterminding:

You and me. A round of golf. Five hours of 1-on-1 high-ticket masterminding. Lunch (on me). A side-by-side video of you and me discussing your business or product which you can put on social media, your sales pages, etc.  This is NOT a group event. These are

1-on-1 and scheduled based on your availability.

Alternative:  If you suck at golf, like I do, then we can just hang out at Panera or something and do our masterminding there.

P.S. After the replay, if you go through all the way with the offer and the program, and you do not have a business launched within 365 days... I'll send you $100 bucks via PayPal (and I'm not usually a betting man).



Yup.  Seriously.
Listen, the fact that Super-Affiliate John Thornhill is going to be aggressively promoting your product to his list of almost a quarter of a million subscribers is reason enough to join the program (that's how I started my business and how all my launches are successful today).  But just in case you were totally insane and didn't see the value in that (it's the ultimate shortcut to having a business), you'll also be getting a full product promotion from me during your first launch. I've been on countless leader boards and will send traffic and buyers your way too. 

So now you get TWO big name affiliates on your launch for the price of one!  That means MORE sales, and MORE buyers on your email list.

#16 Sean Mize Legendary Collection:

What would you do if you could instantly grab over $10,000 worth of Sean Mize's training and even his high-ticket coaching and consulting programs… right now.  Nobody else has this. It’s exclusive to Warlord Entrepreneur. And we expect to make THOUSANDS with it in the future..

#18 MY Bonuses on YOUR Sales Page:

Leverage my brand and credibility to boost your conversion rates.  I will let you offer one of MY bonuses on YOUR sales page.  I've got something in just about every IM-related topic and I can even create something from scratch if needed.  I'll handle bonus delivery/fulfillment too.


All The Above Bonuses are yours no matter which payment option you use to join P2S.


If you choose to save some money with the full-pay option or even do John's new value plan...

You get these as well...

Explanation of Bonuses (Webinar Excerpt)

Remember these add-ons...

This Used to Be ME...  2013-2016...  

Buying product after product after product...

Getting nowhere...

But then... THIS happened:

P2S Gave Me Everything...  It was the missing piece.

On the fence?

So was I.

Tell me what you're doubts or concerns are.

Private message me on Facebook.


Scarcity is REAL.

Have a legitimate excuse for

missing the deadline?

"I Can't Afford That"

"How Can I Afford That?"


I succeeded, because I asked the correct question after watching John's webinar 4 years ago.

So you get my personal cell phone number for texting (and you can even call me - but only right before and during your launch) AND access to me via a walkie-talkie app called voxer where we can basically talk back and forth all day long AND once you launhc, I will LOCK in a GUARANTEED affiliate email broadcast to Warlord Nation EVERY MONTH for 12 months.