2 spots open...

If you carefully read anything this year,

let it be these seven lines:

I was VERY RECENTLY where you are.

In 2016, I had left my "9-to-5" (the Air Force), was living on tax returns, and wondering how I'd feed my wife and five kids. 

Within 3 months I was making thousands.

Within 6 months I launched a $20,000+ product.

Within 13 months, Deo Gratias, I had a six-figure business.

A "lifestyle" business that gives me complete freedom.

Let me help you build yours.

No need for a fancy sales video here...

Direct Access to My Cell Phone

Steven Alvey & Warlord Entrepreneur Endorsed by Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington:

I'll keep this very simple...

Oh, and here's a few bonuses for 5 people who decide to work with me today.

Warlord Direct Access

Direct Access to My Cell Phone for Coaching, Consulting, Goal Setting and Accountability.

$37 per month. Cancel anytime.

2 spots available

#3 Build your list via the Warlord Store:

Your free offers and lead magnets will be listed as $0.00 products on our store. When people checkout, they are taken to your free giveaway/lead page. You get to leverage our Warlord Store to drive traffic and build your list (not-to-mention gain credibility and name recognition) absolutely free. There's nothing in it for me!


Funnel Critique Session:

When your first funnel is ready, I'll review every page of your funnel, your pricing, your design, your copy, your splintering, and we'll tell you exactly what we would change or adjust!

My funnels are famous for converting like crazy, so trust me, I don't usually do these for free.

Video Testimonial:

I've been recognized by business leaders and legends like Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington, John Thornhill, and Mario brown just to name a few. Now it's your turn to leverage my credibility. I will record a video testimonial for your first product launch!

(of course it needs to be a good product).



Preferred Affiliate Program:

Plain and simple: You get 100% on the FE and 75% on the upsells for any of our products. Not available for established, already-successful marketers. This is only for new or struggling marketers. 


Your guest post + ad on our blog.

Write a quality post about any business topic on our blog, include a soft pitch for your own offer if you want and a link back to your property. Our site has over 2,000 members!


Your ad in the side bar of our blog (recommend you link it to a lead magnet or free offer).


Website Critique:

We'll review your website or blog top to bottom and offer advice and constructive criticism on how to make it look better and make it generate more leads and sales.

REFUND POLICY: Your access to my cell phone begins immediately (details in the members area). This is something I take very seriously. So, big surprise: no refunds (but you can cancel anytime). Please only purchase this if you are serious about bringing me on as a consultant.

Your offer in our members area:

We'll place an affy banner for your offer inside our members area to get you some traffic and leads. We have over 1,500 members in our members area!

NOTE: To protect and retain the value of these bonuses, I'm afraid I can only deliver these bonuses after a minimum of 3 months of membership.

Recorded Interview for Content:

You get to record an interview with me or a general Q&A and you can use it as blog content, podcast content, paid offer, bonus, lead magnet, whatever!


1-on-1 Strategy Call/Q&A

Let's hop on the phone and hash out a game plan for your online business goals.


$20K Top Secret Swipe File Collection

I’m handing you every single thing I used for my first launch a year ago that did $20K in 2 weeks. This means every sales page, pre-launch lead page, and JV page, every pre-launch email, sales email,  JV email, every video… everything. You get to swipe it and use them all as templates, inspiration, etc. 




WARNING: This is for newbies and struggling marketers only. Any established marketer who buys this and has more than 100 sales in JVZoo will immediately be refunded and removed from the program. Please respect the rules.